Avoid Unplanned Outages with a Thermal Infrared Preventative Maintenance Program.

Infrared Thermography Allows You To:

  • Evaluate equipment reliability

  • Ensure uninterrupted power

  • Avoid costly failures and shutdowns

Although Infrared Thermography has a variety of uses, DIS specializes in the following areas:

 Building Envelope Analysis
Energy Audits
 Moisture Detection
 Roof Moisture & Evaluation
 Storm Water Management
 Large Animals

Detecting Mold Sources

Radiant Flooring

Electronics & Computer Systems

Steam Utilities


Swimming Pool Leak Diagnosis


Invasive Pests

Construction Integrity

Whether it's a single piece of equipment, or an entire facility, Delmarva Infrared Services delivers a full infrared diagnostic and provides you with a comprehensive report that details the problem areas of each piece of equipment scanned.

What information will I receive after the inspection is completed?

   You will receive a report and/or CD that contains both infrared and digital images detailing any problems found with your equipment or electrical panels. The written report will include an inventory of all equipment tested, follow-up documentation of past problems, and a logical organization of the problems found so that your engineer can formulate an effective repair plan.


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