What is Infrared Thermography?

Thermal imaging, or infrared thermography, allows you to see the thermal (heat energy) that is radiated by objects. It's simply  a photography and heat combined together.

Thermal imaging is a technique that can measure infrared radiation emitted from the surface of an object. All except very cold objects emit this type of energy. The infrared camera can evaluate and convert thermal energy into meaningful temperatures. Components at any stage of failure will emit more thermal radiation as result of more energy dissipated into the component. This energy is caused by increased friction in mechanical components, and higher resistance in electrical components.

Why use Infrared Thermography?

Infrared thermography allows us to diagnose and pinpoint mechanical or electrical problems based on the difference in temperature. Temperature provides an excellent identification of the condition of equipment. When a sick person has a fever, a thermometer is used to measure the deviation from the norm.  It is the ability of the thermal camera to view these early stages of increasing temperatures that makes thermography such a valuable technology in today's world.

The Value of an Infrared Inspection Program is Immense:

  • Locate problems accurately and safely, prior to failure

  • Find, quantify, and document problems caused by faulty components, poor connections, corrosion, contamination, load imbalances, etc.

  • Verify new equipment installations to establish a baseline for future inspections

  • Postpone previously scheduled maintenance of equipment found to be in good condition

  • Track problems using our special database which will provide you with a total recall of previous inspections and the status of past problems

  • Get an easy-to-understand report that provides thermographic images, digital images, and temperature information to help you determine what needs corrective action and what is operating normally

Prevent Downtime, Failures and Liabilities.



A Note about Insurance Companies:
Many insurance firms are seeing the advantages of utilizing infrared inspections for their policy holders.
Delmarva Infrared Services provides thermographic assessments, which will provide scientific and visual proof of property damage due to flood, storm, mold, electrical and fire damage. A compiled report with thermographic photographs will contain an explanation of any extent of damage. When it comes to claims, it is important that the necessary repairs are just that; and nothing more.  This eliminates unnecessary expense to the insurer, less downtime for the property owner, and assurance that nothing was overlooked, which can only lead to possible liabilities down the road.

    Insurers are also seeking to have industrial and commercial policyholders perform regular infrared predictive maintenance inspections on critical and costly components of their electrical distribution network. In many cases, the realized savings in insurance claims due to premature equipment failure have pushed insurance companies to obligate their clients to perform regular infrared inspections as a term of their policy renewal. Although this might seem onerous for the client, many studies have shown that the financial and safety benefits to industrial and commercial facilities far outweigh the costs of implementing and maintaining an effective infrared program.

How does Delmarva Infrared Thermography Predictive Maintenance Save you Money?

Using IR Therm

Yes No
Equipment Failure
  • most likely detected before failure occurs
  • likely not detected
Possible Results
  • scheduled maintenance
  • unscheduled shutdown
  • damage to critical equipment
  • safety hazards to personnel
Costs to Client
  • cost of inspection
  • maintenance costs
  • cost of repairs
  • lost revenue due to unscheduled shutdown
  • potential liability for personal injury
Costs to Insurer
  • none
  • property damage claims
  • possible health insurance claims

If you have any questions about infrared thermography, or how it can be used to save you downtime and costly repairs, please contact us at: info@delmarvainfrared.com.



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