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Delmarva Infrared Services is an independent thermal imaging testing and consulting firm providing thermal infrared inspection analysis and surveys on electrical, mechanical, utility, building, and other structural integrities on Delmarva.  Located in Salisbury, Maryland, Delmarva Infrared Services uses the most advanced thermo graphic sensors and analysis.  Our certified technicians evaluate the performance and safety of electrical and mechanical systems, steam plants, roofing and insulation. When used to locate and document thermal anomalies (hot spots) in buildings and building systems, our infrared system surveys help property owners and facility managers to identify potentially dangerous and costly problems. Our infrared baseline survey provides crucial information about the performance of an existing building, information that serves as a benchmark for tracking the integrity and performance of its different systems over time.

Infrared or thermography testing has emerged as a powerful, versatile, and highly accurate diagnostic tool for uncovering a wide range of problems in building systems and structures, including moisture intrusion, leak detection, missing or damaged insulation, overloaded circuits, faulty wiring, loose electrical connections, construction defects, and post-fire damage.  Our expertise in infrared testing services has earned accolades from facilities managers, plant managers, building maintenance specialists and building owners on the Eastern Shore.


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